Oct 23

Gluten Free Flour Conversion Chart

One of the biggest challenges my wife had when converting to gluten-free baking was finding the right balance of ingredients to use. She often found it difficult to get a good consistency and taste. After a few semi-failed attempts at baking, she looked around for some better information. Her search led to a gluten free conversion chart for determining which ingredients to add to make the equivalent amount of wheat based flour.

Downloadable PDF Version of the chart here: Gluten Free Conversion Chart

The chart shows the amount of wheat flour needed on the left side of the chart. To make an equivalent amount of gluten free flour, you would combine the rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch and xantham gum. You’ll notice that it’s not a straight volume to volume conversion but it works.

So far, the comments we’ve heard suggest that this chart works quite well. I’d be interested in hearing from others what they have found to convert from wheat flour.

I hope you find this chart as useful as we have with your gluten free baking.

Aug 17

Gluten Free Desserts

Can I live a gluten free life which still enjoying the wonderful tastes of dessert?

Yes, you can enjoy delicious desserts. An experienced baker can replicate desserts to tastes and textures that are very similar to their wheat based counterparts. It doesn’t have to be like this Les Miserables parody says.